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Lego Building Contest

Lego Building Contest


Gingerbread House Toy Store

First Annual Lego Building Contest! 



  1. One entry per person
  2. Entries may be dropped off at Gingerbread House between March 2  - March 29.  The longer they are on display, the more they can be voted on!
  3. Entries must remain at Gingerbread House until the end of the contest.  Please pick up your entries by Monday, March 30 or they will be donated.
  4. Voting will take place in store and on the Gingerbread House Facebook Page.  Each like will count as a vote.  In-store votes can be made once per day per person.
  5. Note: Votes made in-store and online will not be the only deciding factor in determining the winners.  Votes will account for 50% of the decision: the other 50% of the decision will be based on input from a Celebrity Guest Judge!
  6. Participants should construct their Lego creation ON THEIR OWN! No Help from MOM OR DAD! Creation can be a set built according to directions or creative use of loose bricks to make an original structure.


Ages 3 – 5. Ages 6 – 8, Ages 9 – 13


Overall Winner: $50 Gift Card to Gingerbread House

Category Winner, 1st Place: $25 Gift Card to Gingerbread House 

Category Winner, 2nd Place: $15 Gift Card to Gingerbread House


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