Cognitive Abilities

Cognitive Abilities

Cognitive abilities are what help us learn about the world around us.  We use memory, reasoning and problem-solving to take what we know and apply it to today’s play in the sandbox.



As a soothing rattle, these smiley bright yellow suns help focus a child’s gaze, and the fascinating spinning gear action keeps babies entertained. This classic toy helps promote manual dexterity, eye-hand coordination and visual acuity - all necessary aspects of an infant’s development.


Your child will have lots of fun mixing, matching, breaking up, and rebuilding these magnetic pieces.  A wonderful game of association and imagination, this is just one of our favorites from Janod Toys.


It takes a steady, gentle hand and patience to play this wonderful game of mazes and counting.  By twisting and turning the ball, players will move through three different layouts and cross over 100 barriers while they strengthen the math side of their brains without realizing it.


The age old “puzzling” question may never be solved:  put together the outline first or work with a specific chunk?  From jumbo knob puzzles to sound puzzles to floor puzzles to puzzle balls, all ages can experience the fun of learning with this classic toy.   

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