Emotional Skills

Emotional Skills

Our emotional responses are the ways we react to situations we encounter in life.  Whether we are happy or sad, surprised or mad, we must learn to control our emotions and express ourselves clearly to others.



These stamps are for every mood of the day---from happy to sad to angry to scared--- to help children express their emotions in a creative way.   Parents will also enjoy using this interactive art project.


Packed with the potential for teaching girls and boys about themselves and the world around them, dolls help to build cognitive, fine motor, self-help, speech/language, and social/emotional skills.   Playing with baby dolls is also a wonderful way for young children to prepare for the birth of a sibling---check out our “adoption agency” in the services’ tab. 


Until babies are 8 to 12 weeks old, they can only see the contrast between black and white.  While we stock many black and white items for newborns, this toy is especially good because on the reverse side of the black and white panel is a mirror that will last for years; babies love to interact with the “other” person they see right in front of them.  


This fun game will help your toddler master activities that he or she is just beginning to learn.  By following simple commands or recognizing the picture prompts on cards, children will learn to interact with those around them.


The characters of the Island of Sodor come alive in this toy series created from a storybook over 50 years ago.  Children relate to the “personalities” created by each named engine, tender, and train car.

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