Fine Motor Skills

Fine Motor Skills

For activities like drawing, grasping objects and using some tools, we use our fine motor skills.  Our smaller muscles, like fingers, toes and eyes, are necessary for mastering hand-eye coordination and picking up sensory skills.



Designed to encourage social interaction between parent and infant, this favorite soft toy assists in the early developmental stage of a baby’s life.  With a different color pattern on each side and 9 different shapes to hold or insert in matching holes, your young child will begin to engage his or her hands for play purposes.


Bead Mazes are excellent tools for even the youngest of ages to strengthen small muscle dexterity and hand/eye coordination.  Without knowing it, children will begin the process of learning logic, matching, spatial relationships, and cause-and-effect in this engaging toy. 


A Tree Hopper twist on a classic educational game of concentration and memory.   Even toddlers who are too young to play the memory game will love matching and stacking the shapes and vibrant colors while exploring and enriching their vocabulary.  


While exploring geometric shapes, colors, and patterns, children can work on their own to make mosaic masterpieces with sticky or magnetic tiles.  From tooth fairy boxes to twinkling tiaras to fire breathing dragons, this diverse line has the perfect kit for every skill level and interest.


This special play board is the next step up from simple lacing and helps with manual dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and creative thinking.   As early as preschool, children can "draw" brightly colored designs with laces, undo them quickly, and "draw" something new!


For your older science-minded child, the snap circuit products go beyond the pre-programmed play of many mass-market toys and encourage exploration and discovery.   Bring home the sets that include the capability of connecting to mp3 players and smart phones, and you won’t have to beg your child to learn!! 

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