Language Skills

Language Skills

Our eyes, ears, voices and hands all play important roles in sharing what’s on our mind and understanding what others are trying to tell us. As children grow up, they’ll also read and write to communicate and learn about their world.



We’re sure you understand the importance of family communication, and with these handy cards, your conversations will get a jump-start.  Choose from original “Family Talk,” “Faith Talk,” “Grandparent Talk,” “Buddy Talk,” and “Games on the Go.”


Two of toddlers’ favorites, hide ‘n seek and plush toys, come together in this active game.  Thinkfun created this game.. which is accurate because you should “think fun,” as that’s what the whole family will be doing with this first game of simple commands, following directions, and positional concepts.   


Puppets are a terrific interactive toy used to strengthen vocalization skills.  From single words to complicated sentences, your children’s language skills will blossom when puppets are in their hands.


Kids writing their first letters will get helpful up, down and sideways instructions via easy-to-follow arrows using a magnetic stylus that pulls beads up to create solid lines.  This toy even delight children who have been writing for years.


Be honest now - are you one of those adults who love to pop packaging bubbles?  If so, you’ll love interacting with your children when reading these books designed for counting - favorites of the Gingerbread House staff.   

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