Social Skills

Social Skills

Playing nicely with each other is what we call social development.  Sharing, cooperating and taking turns all fall into this category, and are qualities that make people want to be our friend.



What child doesn’t enjoy pretending to play ‘store’?  This interactive game, whether it’s between children of similar ages or adults and children will encourage social interaction and pretend play, and children can even learn the beginnings of basic money management.


There’s no better way to encourage children and families to play together in a circle than to bring out a card game.  From simple matching (“Go Fish”) to fast-paced competition (“Blink”) to educational statistics (“Top Trumps”), card games are a way to please a crowd! 


Available in our wonderful game room, this is one of many in a series of non-competitive activities for preschoolers.  It will be a nice change of pace watching your children and their friends working together to accomplish a goal.


Suggested for ages 3 to 8, this fun, interactive, early charades board game will have even parents and grandparents anticipating their turns.  Along the way, though, it will be just as much fun trying to guess what the other players are acting out.


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